(Easy!) Winter Hikes around Banff and Kananaskis

Winter certainly isn’t my favourite season, but being living near the Rocky Mountains, it’d be a waste not to enjoy the beauty of winter. It was possible for a cold fearing*, novice hiker like me when armed with proper winter gear** to brave the snow on some short trips that had big rewards. I wanted to share these three easy hikes done in winter 2017!

Johnston Canyon, Banff

Grotto Canyon, Exshaw

Troll Falls, Kananaskis

*Cold fearing – trust me when I say cold fearing. I don’t even like the coldness after getting out a shower, preferring to step into an all enclosing bathrobe vs a towel. I’m that person that apologizes for their cold hands when shaking hands.

**SO in order for me to not complain about numb toes (the first to get cold for me), in addition to a warm ski jacket/ snowpants/boots, I was equipped with thermal wear, merino wool socks, heat packs and when necessary, ice cleats. And carry a thermos of hot chocolate and lots of snacks. Cause it’s at least -10’C and colder Canadian weather (not counting wind chill), might as well make it comfortable as can be.


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