17 Things On the List for 2017!

Hello dear readers, it’s certainly been awhile!                                                                                                   Ohhodgepodge has been on an over a year hiatus during an eventful 2016, but I’m back with lots of things in store for 2017 – hope you enjoy my lists below for now, and I promise I’ll be back soon.

17 Things On the List for 2017!

  1. Blog more!
  2. Take advantage of free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass and the fact that I’m near the beautiful Rockies to get outside and go hiking, canoeing, kayaking as much as possible
  3. Visit the Canadian West Coast- Vancouver
  4. Visit a Canadian Territory- NWT, Whitehorse
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Visit an Ice Castle
  7. Volunteer at a yoga studio
  8. Foster a pregnant cat and her kittens!
  9. Complete some of my art projects around the house
  10. Obtain my CAPM Certification
  11. Get my cardio up so I don’t hyperventilate as much climbing up mountains
  12. Keep in touch with long distance friends and family
  13. Donate at least 10 inches of hair in the fall
  14. Take more time to reflect and meditate
  15. Flex my video editing skills and put my Go Pro videos together
  16. Get more involved in my community
  17. Cross more items off lists 🙂


16 Things That Happened in 2016

  1. Took a hiatus from blogging, deactivated facebook, got on twitter
  2. Graduated university!
  3. Trip to New York City for the first time
  4. Volunteered at an awesome yoga studio
  5. Got my first work contact outside of co-op
  6. Ended my first work contract early
  7. Saw whales and walked on the ocean floor during my trip out east to NB, NS and PEI
  8. Moved out west across the country to Calgary, Alberta
  9. Got my first full-time job post-uni
  10. Moved in with my best friend/ le bf
  11. Bought my first car
  12. Paid off the student loans
  13. Climbed my first summit and had a mini meltdown on the way down
  14. Got into home decor/ thrifting
  15. Drove myself to urgent care and got my first stitches (don’t mess with carrots and big knives!)
  16. Became much more appreciative of my family and parents as I’m on this adventure of “adulthood”


15 Cities  I Traveled to in 2015

  1. Paris, France
  2. Giverny, France
  3. St Malo, France
  4. Versailles, France
  5. Grenoble, France
  6. Bordeaux, France
  7. Biganos,  France
  8. Saint Astier,  France
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. London, England
  11. Bruges, Belgium
  12. Geneva, Switzerland
  13. Cologne, Germany
  14. Barcelona, Spain
  15. Havana, Cuba

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