Let’s go miaou- Pop-up cat café in Paris

I’ve been meaning to visit one of the cat cafés in Paris but just haven’t gone around to organise a time with friends and make a reservation. However, the other week a friend who knows my enthusiasm for cats sent me a link that a free temporary one was in town! Organized by Purina one, it looks like they’re participating in the cat café trend that’s  growing in many cities all over the world.
Their venue was a chance to enjoy a complimentary cafe while talking to cat experts, receive their cat food sample and of course, interact with the feline superstars. A google search on the Purina one cafe came up with findings that they successful conducted the same event last year in Manhattan New York, with people waiting 3 hours in line!
I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of waiting time when I dragged my friend to accompany me on the last day of their week long event on a Saturday morning. I figured if it was too busy, my back up plan was shopping and visiting an art studio nearby. Fortunately there was no line to be found, as the novelty is probably less when there’s already two permanent cat cafes in town.
Upon entering the space on rue Turbigo, we were briefed on the rules of the café (don’t wake up the sleeping cats), sanitized our hands  given a survey for a cat food sample and then welcomed to enjoy a hot drink along with some chocolate.
There were six cats who lounged in little wall lofts. Unfortunately unlike the New York Purina One event, the cats were not from local shelters but from breeders. At least there were certified breeders who provided information about each type of cat. Most were lazily peering down at their enthusiastic viewers or simply sleeping, not responding much to my attempts at sparking their interest by waving a toy. Except for the one hairless sphynx cat. He or she was clearly a superstar (I typed the word into search box to make sure it was the right spelling and found a fun fact, did you know the hairless sphynx cat originated in Toronto, Canada?!) This cat confidently strided around the room while people looked at the curious sight. Not shy, the sphynx nimbly hopped right onto my friend’s lap!
Though I don’t have a cat in Paris, I filled out the little survey to recieve a goody bag of cat food samples for a work collegue who just adopted a cat. As we were headed for the exit which was supervised by a Purina representive, she warmly asked if we had any questions, and made sure that we had the chance to enjoy their refreshments. Purina, you definitely know how to do some paw-sitive public relations and marketing.

6 thoughts on “Let’s go miaou- Pop-up cat café in Paris

  1. How lovely. I love cats (and dogs :)) and there is a great cat cafe in London I want to visit with my cat loving boyfriend. You have inspired me to try and visit it this weekend as we are up in London. If you want to know more its here – http://ladydinahs.com/.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Catriona, you even have the word “cat” in your lovely name! I didn’t know there’s a cat cafe in London too- they’re really taking over the world 😉 Hope you have an awesome time this weekend!

      1. Haha I do! I will, I will write a post about it when I am back so you can see what its all about! Hopefully we manage to go as I am excited about it now!

  2. I’ve never visited a cat cafe before, wish I could someday, would love to have a cuppa with the cute cats ❤
    This cat cafe in Paris does look a little like an office, doesn't they?

    1. Yes it’s a fun experience! And haha I didn’t think of that, but I guess it might be so because this one was only temporary (a one week long promotion). However I’ve heard the other two cat cafes in Paris are much homier 🙂

      1. Ahh that explains. I’m staying tuned to your blog so I would not miss the posts about the 2 cat cafes, hehe~ By the way your other posts about Paris is beautiful ❤

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